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HopGuard: Rapid Clickbank Affiliate Management

HopGuard reveals the potential of the Clickbank affiliate system, allowing you to run a secure and hands-free affiliate system. While you concentrate on running your business, HopGuard will take care of running your affiliate system for you.


Attract more super affiliates:

The Clickbank affiliate system can be a powerful system to make you money - as long as you can find the right affiliates. Super affiliates know that Clickbank's affiliate links are prone to commission theft. HopGuard helps stop commission theft by encrypting your affiliate links automatically!

Your affiliates simply enter their Clickbank ID, click the generate button, and out pops a secure affiliate link.

When affiliates see that you are offering a secure system for them then they will appreciate the dedication and professionalism you show, and are more likely to promote your product.


Increase conversion rates:


It's a commonly known and taught practice to offer the most targeted sales pages to your potential customer as you can, thus increase your sales. HopGuard allows you to offer a number of sales pages to your affiliates, allowing them to select the sales page best suited to their advertising base.

With a more targeted sales page, not only will affiliates be more attracted to sign-up with you, their promotional efforts can converts sales more often, increasing your profit.


Offer multiple products with one Clickbank account:


Clickbank already allows you to sell more than one product. The problem, however, is that you can only create one affiliate link. By harnessing the power of HopGuard this will no longer limit your potential.

HopGuard allows your affiliates to select which products of yours they wish to promote, and generate a specific affiliate link that will take your customers directly to the product they're interested in.


Increase Google Pagerank and increase search engine rankings:


All your HopGuard affiliate links will point directly to your domain name. This means when people link to your affiliate program, they're linking to your website. This can increase your Google Pagerank, as well as your search engine rankings.

Since many people will be linking to your website (instead of Clickbank's), search engines can see your site as a popular site, and increase your search engine rankings accordingly.


Hands-free affiliate management:


HopGuard doesn't require you to spend hours each day administering it. You simply set it and forget it.

After you install HopGuard, your affiliates can create their own affiliate links and promote your products without you having to lift a finger. Spend the extra time you save expanding your business!


Image is everything:


In the marketing world, image really is everything. A person's perspective of your business is the difference between a sale and none. HopGuard can help increase the perceived professionalism of your business: instead of having a page showing a generic affiliate link and asking your potential affiliate to copy the text and then edit the link to add their own tracking code in, HopGuard offers an automated solution. Automation impresses affiliates and clients.

By people promoting your domain name in your affiliate links you will also increase brand awareness. Not everyone will click on your affiliate link, but if they see your domain name then months later if they see if again they'll think "I know that name". Brand awareness is a powerful aspect of business marketing, and can help build trust and therefore sales.

HopGuard will not only simplify your life, but it can help establish and build your business into the future.


View the screenshots to see how easy it is to run HopGuard, or view the demo to see what your customers will be seeing. Or to get started now, grab your copy from the Pricing page below.



Summary Screen
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Affiliate signup page

What other HopGuard owner's have to say:

"Sam, your products are always top quality and so easy to install.

With HopGuard you have identified some serious needs in the ClickBank system (affiliate cloaking, stats, multiple products) and provided an elegant solution.

In particular those ClickBank vendors who realise the potential of the multiple sales page feature are going to walk away with the affiliate sales."

Harvey Segal - www.clickbankguide.com


"I have been using HopGuard to help my current affiliates direct their customers to the individual products on my site. This has proved to be a great bonus to both of us resulting in greater sales and much easier interaction.

The best part is that I have also just released a new product so they can start promoting that without all the hassle of signing into accounts. The other top benefit is that this new product resides on a completely different server so now I can put my products where I want them and my affiliates still benefit.

Helping affiliates in any way possible is a key to success and HopGuard is certainly a tool that has injected some new life into this process."

Quentin Brown - http://mp3streamingaudio.com


"Congratulations on another fine product.

As a webmaster who runs his affiliate program through ClickBank, HopGuard will help me get more affiliates, and will allow me to safeguard their commissions from link hijackers.

Best of all, it took a total of 5 minutes to install! I will be recommending this script for sure."

Steven Schwartzman - www.newsletteraffiliate.com

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